Autocomplete hE.R.A. - 6.1.7 con JQuery e Lucene - 6.6.1 Search, Classifications, Email Validation,Phone Validation

Country Data Selection 
Name/Surname order
   Domain Suggestion Level
Email SMTP Validation on/off
   VAT Validation on/off
Number of MX Server for validation (checked=1, unchecked=all)
SMTP socket connection timeout

Type the string

Name Company/Surname_Name Excluded items Certified Surname
Surname Title Legal Form Gender
Email Classified
Email Name Email Surname Email Gender Email Extras
Email Domain Name Email Domain Validationn Email Address Syntax (RFC 822)
Email Address Validation Email Domain Suggestions
Telephone Validation Telephone Number Type Telephone Countrycode
Telephone Country Isocode Telephone International Format Telephone National Format
Telephone E164 Format Telephone RFC3966 Format Telephone Mobile Carrier
Telephone Geocoding EN Telephone Geocoding IT
VAT Extraction VAT Validation
VAT Name VAT Address
SSN Extraction  
Date and Time Validation  


Json Output
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